Inside the Twisted Mind of Buzz Bissinger, Straight Male Shopaholic

There are many, many WTF sentences in Buzz Bissinger's epic, shocking, nauseating, hilarious and infuriating piece for GQ titled "My Gucci Addiction." The 58-year-old writer, husband and father of three — best known for the book Friday Night Lights — details his compulsive buying quite frankly, and you may find… »3/26/13 4:30pm3/26/13 4:30pm

Gymnast Shawn Johnson Conquers Critics, The Balance Beam

Gymnastics is one of the most popular, and consistently controversial, sports in the summer Olympics. But, despite Buzz Bissinger's scathing New York Times column from last week decrying the many corrupt elements of gymnastics — the eating disorders, the injuries, the possibility that the Chinese are allowing underage… »8/11/08 9:30am8/11/08 9:30am