Businessweek Asks the Tough Questions: Which Business School Has the Hottest Chicks?

We expect certain websites to run listicles ranking hot coeds, sure. But Bloomberg Businessweek? Yep: the magazine's website recently asked readers to vote on which business school had the most attractive female students, apropos of nothing other than a general appreciation for babes. »11/12/12 5:30pm11/12/12 5:30pm

Dear Women: Shun Dudes With Sports Cars & Save The World

At a UN conference on global warming in Bali last week, a young woman asked Sir David King, the UK's chief scientific advisor, what she could do to stop global warming, reports Wired. "I told her stop admiring young men in Ferraris," King says. And while his comment sounds sexist and kind of crazy, doesn't he make a… »12/18/07 12:30pm12/18/07 12:30pm