Forbes: Models Are Starving, Financially Fucked & Computer Analyzed

Kiri Blakely wrote a story for Forbes titled "How To Be A Supermodel." Yeah, Forbes. The article is actually about the many steps in the trajectory from regular girl to famous model: Contests, contracts, go-sees, fashion shows, cosmetics campaigns. Blakely spent time with Edythe Hughes, 17, who was discovered in a… »10/08/07 1:30pm10/08/07 1:30pm

Black Fashion Industry Insiders Ask: Where Are The Black Models?

Now that fashion week is over, today's WWD poses a question: Where were the black models? "Everyone is always talking about the weight issue," photographer and America's Next Top Model judge Nigel Barker says. "I think they should be talking about race." Barker says that the celebrity designers — not the ready-to-wear… »9/17/07 10:30am9/17/07 10:30am