Bus Driver Punched Repeatedly; Passengers Just Stood There and Filmed

Keisha McGregor drives a bus on Long Island for NICE, Nassau Intercounty Express. Monday, she was attacked by a passenger who missed her stop because she did not realize the bus was going express. The passenger threw a water bottle at McGregor and then began to punch her. There were 30 other passengers on the bus and… » 2/27/14 5:30pm 2/27/14 5:30pm

Awful: Bus Driver Hits 8-Year-Old Boy For Misbehaving

It is common knowledge that children can be a handful. They yell, they throw tantrums, when I worked with small children there was a 4-year-old whose sole purpose in life seemed to be to follow me around and kick me directly in the shins. And then we would talk about it. And then he would kick me in the shins some… » 2/15/14 2:19pm 2/15/14 2:19pm

Now There's a Party Bus That Will Inject You With Magical Fluids and…

Not that you have ever, ever overindulged on alcohol, but if you had, you'd know that it can result in some serious pain the next day. Fortunately, a company in Las Vegas is pioneering a new, extremely convenient way to help you recover quickly from your retched suffering. Hangover Heaven promises to rid you of your… » 4/11/12 10:10pm 4/11/12 10:10pm

Classmates Beat Girl Unconscious Over Seat on the School Bus

We're aware that most children are little monsters (and not in a fun Lady Gaga way), but a group of Florida students have reached a new low. On Friday, a 13-year-old girl took the school bus in Ocala for the first time. No one would let her sit down, so she sat on her sister's lap instead, prompting even more teasing… » 1/08/12 11:52pm 1/08/12 11:52pm

Women On Brooklyn Bus Can Now Sit Wherever They Damn Well Please

The owner of the B110 bus in Brooklyn, which runs between two Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods in Brooklyn, insists that despite the fact that women have been told get in the back of the bus for decades, it never condoned the practice. However, since everyone got so riled up about passengers telling women where to sit on… » 10/28/11 12:49am 10/28/11 12:49am

Women Told They Must Ride In The Back Of The Bus In Brooklyn

Even today women are being sent to the back of the bus, and we're not talking metaphorically or in some foreign country. Women who ride the B110 bus in Brooklyn can't sit where they want unless they're okay with being berated by Orthodox Jewish men, even though technically the B110 is a public bus. » 10/19/11 10:50am 10/19/11 10:50am