Saudi Cleric Proposed Putting Burkas on Baby Girls and Everyone Justifiably Flipped the Fuck Out

In a video apparently dating back to last year, a Saudi cleric offered viewers a brief glimpse into his fetid imagination when he called for baby girls to be fully covered. With burkas. To prevent sexual molestation. Go ahead, take a moment to wonder whether or not you've wandered into a bad episode of Farscape. Now,… »2/03/13 4:15pm2/03/13 4:15pm

More Reasons To Be Glad We Don't Have To Rock The Hijab

  • Women who dress conservatively may win the affections of men like Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee and Iranian clerics, but they're also at more risk of a Vitamin D deficiency because their skin rarely sees the sun. [Salon]
  • Potatoes: Not too great for the waistline but fantastic for the immune system! […
  • »6/26/07 3:49pm6/26/07 3:49pm