Burka-Clad Wonder Woman is Pakistan's Latest Superhero

Malala Yousafzai's story has brought the international spotlight to the state of girl's schools in Pakistan. But despite Malala's ultimate triumph over the Taliban thugs that attempted to murder her for supporting education for girls, the situation for girls seeking schooling in Pakistan is grimmer than ever.… » 7/25/13 2:20pm 7/25/13 2:20pm

Saudi Cleric Proposed Putting Burkas on Baby Girls and Everyone…

In a video apparently dating back to last year, a Saudi cleric offered viewers a brief glimpse into his fetid imagination when he called for baby girls to be fully covered. With burkas. To prevent sexual molestation. Go ahead, take a moment to wonder whether or not you've wandered into a bad episode of Farscape. Now,… » 2/03/13 4:15pm 2/03/13 4:15pm

More Reasons To Be Glad We Don't Have To Rock The Hijab

  • Women who dress conservatively may win the affections of men like Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee and Iranian clerics, but they're also at more risk of a Vitamin D deficiency because their skin rarely sees the sun. [Salon]
  • Potatoes: Not too great for the waistline but fantastic for the immune system! […
  • » 6/26/07 3:49pm 6/26/07 3:49pm