Bryn Mawr Health Center Helpfully Emails Students Weight Loss Tips

The private women's college Bryn Mawr emailed a group of students late last week encouraging them to join the new school-sponsored weight loss program. Students received the email based on their elevated body mass index, data that was mined from their medical records collected by the college's Health Center. »1/30/15 3:00pm1/30/15 3:00pm

Bryn Mawr College Takes 'Hazing' Verrrry Seriously

"Hell Week" is a longstanding tradition at Bryn Mawr, a tiny women's liberal arts college in Pennsylvania with fewer than 2,000 students; some students call the event both "fun and meaningful…" and "one of the greatest moments of their undergraduate career." Radnor Dorm celebrates by holding a "debutante ball" where… »3/07/13 12:45pm3/07/13 12:45pm

Women's Colleges Promote Sweatpants & Poor Tampon Hygiene, Says Wesleyan Student

As a graduate of Wellesley College, I thought going to a women's college was about receiving an excellent education at an institution that's mission is to promote gender equality. Now a Wesleyan undergrad has opened my eyes to the horrors of single-sex education. How could I have failed to notice my fellow students… »10/18/11 10:33pm10/18/11 10:33pm

Middle East Recruitment Gives New Meaning To "College Girls"

A story in today's International Herald Tribune discusses the fate of women's colleges in this country. Specifically: Bryn Mawr, Barnard, Mount Holyoke, Wellesley and Smith. "In the 1960s," writes Tamar Lewin, "there were some 300 women's colleges in the United States; now there are fewer than 60." Sure, these schools… »6/03/08 3:00pm6/03/08 3:00pm