Little Black Dresses and Sharp Black Trousers at the Armani Event

Last night in New York City at the Armani One Night Only event, famous folks gathered and wore a lot of black. A whole lot of black. » 10/25/13 5:45pm 10/25/13 5:45pm

Tyra the Tyrant Has Fired Mr. Jay, Miss J and Nigel Barker from ANTM

It's the end of an era: After being with the show since 2003, and working for 18 seasons, Noted Fashion Photographer Nigel Barker, runway expert J. Alexander and creative director Jay Manuel have been let go from America's Next Top Model. » 4/20/12 10:25am 4/20/12 10:25am

In a statement, executive producer Ken Mok says:

The Dirty, Unethical Business Of Fashion Blogs

Have you heard that people writing about clothing on the Internet is kind of a big thing right now? Women's Wear Daily jumped on the hottest trend from 2007 and ran a story about fashion bloggers, and how they make money. (One-word answer: Shilling.) » 11/15/11 6:00pm 11/15/11 6:00pm

Zooey Deschanel Sues Steve Madden

Blake Lively For Chanel?

Ambushed Fashionistas Tell Us How Much Their Shoes Cost

During Fashion Week, we've been milling around the tents, going to off-site shows, Fashion's Night Out events and sneaking backstage to find out how much people—designers, stylists, editors, celebrities, Real Housewives—pay for their shoes. » 9/15/10 12:22pm 9/15/10 12:22pm

Balenciaga Gets Trippy, Courtesy Of Cindy Sherman

Naomi Campbell Nails Down A Date With Justice

Fashion Blogger Live-Tweets His Threesome

In an unguarded moment, Bryan Grey-Yambao (better known as BryanBoy) attempted to live-Tweet a sexual encounter with two strapping Swedes. He's since deleted the tweets, but at least he thoughtfully took the time to mention one paramour wore Lanvin. [@BryanBoy] » 6/02/10 6:40pm 6/02/10 6:40pm

Crystal Renn's Weight Covered On People; Tavi On Style And Musical…

Naomi Opens Up To Oprah; "Cougars" Drive Sales Of Lingerie

Eva Joins Ranks Of Snuggie Lovers; Anna Wintour Lecture Bans Reporters

Kell On Earth Future In Doubt; SJP "Can Do No Worse Than Lindsay…

Coco Rocha Engaged; Cathy Horyn Slams Milan Fashion Week

McQueen Laid To Rest In London; Karen Elson To Release Album

Britney "Through The Lens"; Posh The MILF; Beyonce Sued

Tempest In A Trilby: Fashion Blogger Tavi Gevinson's Hated Hat

We've all been that person stuck sitting behind someone in a hat. It's always awkward. Do I shoulder-tap the person and ask them to take it off? Is that rude? Is it rude to be wearing a hat? » 1/25/10 4:30pm 1/25/10 4:30pm

Gisele Spawns Baby Boy; Counterfeit Crackdown Hits Canal Street

Kylie Checks Out Couture; Marc Jacobs' West Village Death Grip Tightens