Stupid Study About Hair Color Suggests That Men Want to Marry Women with Serious Brown Hair

A new "study" (if we can so legitimize this cereal box survey with such a characterization), has discovered that men actually don't actually prefer women with insouciant blonde hair, despite what previous pop-science and movie musicals have led us to believe. What men really want in a life-partner is a sensible head… »3/24/13 3:00pm3/24/13 3:00pm

Does Archie's Proposal To Veronica Settle The Blondes Vs. Brunettes Debate?

Archie Andrews has finally made his choice. In the upcoming 600th issue of Archie Comics, he will propose to brunette bad girl Veronica, leaving Betty, his sweet, blonde lady-friend, heartbroken. For students of pop culture, the fact that gentlemen actually prefer brunettes should come as no surprise. »5/28/09 4:00pm5/28/09 4:00pm