Why Not Spend Your Holiday at Australia's Premiere Mega Brothel?

Stiletto, a boutique hotel and brothel in downtown Sydney, has recently been given the go-ahead to start on a 40 room, multi million dollar expansion, making it the largest sex premises in all of Australia. Rooms go for an hourly rate of approximately $370 (the price includes drinks and a lady of your choice). »6/21/12 3:20pm6/21/12 3:20pm


Heidi Fleiss' Gender—Not Her Record—Is Keeping Her From Opening That Stud Farm

I have been dying for infamous madam Heidi Fleiss to finally open her Stud Farm — a legalized brothel in Nevada with a stable of men servicing women — since she first announced it a couple years ago. While I'm not entirely sure how lucrative of a business it would be, it'd certainly be interesting as a social… »7/22/08 11:00am7/22/08 11:00am