Watch Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen Giggle and Talk About Hashtags

Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen recently did a press interview for X-Men together and the result is, as usual, a complete and utter delight. While the interview is fairly serious (the two discuss why the X-Men appeals to minorities as well as the current response to homosexuality in the UK), Professor Xavier and… »5/17/14 6:34pm5/17/14 6:34pm


Bill Clinton May Have ‘No Idea’ If Hillary Will Run for President, but He Now Has a ‘Bromance’ with Barack Obama

Bill Clinton knows a lot of stuff. He was a Rhodes Scholar, after all, which either means that he can walk all over any of the sacred, manicured grass patches at Oxford, or simply that he's sharp dude. So, go ahead — let him be your magic eight ball for America's democratic process. Magic eight ball Bill Clinton, is… »9/23/12 4:30pm9/23/12 4:30pm