This Is What Getting Married On A Tightrope Looks Like

I guess it shouldn't come as much of a surprise that a couple who work as a circus tight rope act decided to get married on a tight rope. But high above the air in front of a crowd of people in Toulouse, France? I can't decide if this is the most romantic, unique, or terrifying wedding I've ever seen in my life. » 12/05/11 6:50pm 12/05/11 6:50pm

Listen Up, Squares: Teenagers In 1958 Were Hep Cats

From the archives, here's a piece by British Pathé about teenagers in the 1950s and the places all the hep cats hang out. After a look inside the dance halls, we're visit with Lady Lewisham, who, years later, would become Princess Diana's stepmother. Her thoughts on teens? She "loves their gay clothes" and thinks… » 11/17/11 4:20pm 11/17/11 4:20pm

Watch An Umbrella Fashion Show, Circa 1956

British Pathé has unearthed another gem featuring fashions from1950s and this time, what they found were one thousand couture umbrellas. With so many options to be modeled, the designers of said umbrellas really had to be really inventive with their ideas in order for them to stand out. As a result, we're shown gold… » 11/11/11 12:55pm 11/11/11 12:55pm

The Miss Fat and Beautiful Contest, Circa 1960

British Pathe's latest treasure from the vaults is a beauty competition from the 1960s called the "Miss Fat and Beautiful" contest, in which a London store sought to find the perfect woman described as "a comfortable woman with the sort of statistics those old Dutch painters would have loved." Though the mere title… » 10/25/11 6:45pm 10/25/11 6:45pm