Everyone Relax: The British Male Pregnancy Scare Was Just One Big False…

As thousands of British men wandered into hospitals between 2007 and 2010 to be treated with pregnancy-related procedures like obstetric exams and midwife services, you can bet Republican strategists gathered in a dark war room over a map of the Atlantic and debated just how feasible it might be to build a giant ocean… » 4/08/12 1:30pm 4/08/12 1:30pm

Women Around The World Swear That British Men Suck

This one goes out to Tad Safran (you remember, the guy living in the UK who wrote that British women were unkempt fatties?): Women who move to the UK from abroad find British men highly disappointing, writes Julia Llewellyn Smith for Telegraph. Jennifer Rohn moved to London from Idaho. She says British men are "witty… » 1/28/08 2:40pm 1/28/08 2:40pm