Silent Bridal Showers Are Real, and They're Shameless

Everyone knows that the point of a shower (wedding or baby) is to get presents. Most people, however, at least pretend to believe the polite fiction that showers are a time to get together and celebrate, because it’s inappropriate to just go after people for money without even pretending you want to see them. Not… »6/11/15 12:50pm6/11/15 12:50pm


We Shouldn't Have To Buy You Shit Just 'Cause You're Getting Married

Reasons we have contemplated moving to England:
1) Socialized health care.
2) No George W. Bush.
3) Rhyming slang.
4) Accents.
5) Afternoon tea.
6) No bridal showers. »7/25/07 3:20pm7/25/07 3:20pm

Key words here: "Too showy". Live them. Learn them. And while you brides are at it, buy your own damn lingerie. It's expensive for us and plus,…