Elizabeth Smart Living a Normal Life of Exotic Hawaiian Marriages

In what sounds a little bit like a pagan ritual, Elizabeth Smart married Matthew Gilmour in a Mormon temple on Oahu's North Shore yesterday. Smart, a Utah woman who was kidnapped at age 14 and held captive for nine months by Brian David Mitchell, is now an apparently functioning 24-year-old senior at Brigham Young… » 2/19/12 11:00am 2/19/12 11:00am

Elizabeth Smart Kidnapping Trial Begins

Brian David Mitchell's trial started today, seven years after he allegedly kidnapped and raped Elizabeth Smart. Smart will return from a Mormon mission in Paris to testify against Mitchell, who was ejected from court today for singing during jury selection. » 11/01/10 4:40pm 11/01/10 4:40pm

Elizabeth Smart Reveals Daily Rapes, Other Details Of Captivity

In a competency hearing for her kidnapper, Brian David Mitchell, Elizabeth Smart publicly revealed details of her captivity for the first time. She says, "There wasn't an actual 24-hour time period he wasn't able to rape me." » 10/02/09 9:30am 10/02/09 9:30am