Finally, a Watchable Version of Twilight

Now here's a Twilight I would pay money to see in the theaters. OK, maybe Monopoly money, but still, that's pretty damn impressive. All the characters areabout 50 times more likable when they're voiced by extras from Idiocracy. » 11/22/12 12:00am 11/22/12 12:00am

Twilight Screenwriter Reflects on the Series' Power in Hollywood

No matter how you feel about Twilight — love it or hate it — the phenomenon has been one of the biggest stories to come out of the movie industry in the last five years. Now that the series is ending, Melissa Rosenberg, who penned all of the scripts for the Twilight franchise, talked to Women And Hollywood about the… » 11/20/12 10:00pm 11/20/12 10:00pm

Breaking Dawn Part 2 Plundered the American Moviegoer This Weekend

We're going to play a little game of guess that exorbitant sum of money. Ready? In its opening weekend, Breaking Dawn the Deuce: OMG There's Werewolf Poop Everywhere!, the final installment of the peripatetic Twilight franchise, made a) $100 million, b) $141.3 million, or c) all the money that there is or ever will be… » 11/18/12 4:00pm 11/18/12 4:00pm

Emaciated Matthew McConaughey Is Dreaming of a Very Specific…

So, obviously we all know that Matthew McConaughey has been majorly slimming down this season to achieve the ultimate bikini bod!!!!! physique of a dying AIDS patient. But once shooting is done, McConaughey says, he has a MAJOR CHEESEBURGER OPERATION in the works. » 11/16/12 8:00pm 11/16/12 8:00pm

Everybody Make a Sad Face and Wave Goodbye to Twilight

Edward Cullen and Bella Swan have taken us on a long, relatively bloodless journey, and, come November, it will finally be over, which is nice because I think we can all afford to rest our feet for a little while. On Thursday, the cast of the Twilight saga, which will receive its fifth and final installment in… » 7/13/12 9:30am 7/13/12 9:30am

Gifts For Pop Culture Junkies

Shopping for an entertainment enthusiast? Step right up! We've got presents for fangbangers, Muppet maniacs, audio addicts and Portal players. » 12/07/11 5:50pm 12/07/11 5:50pm

Merry Christmas!

How Much Did The Twilight: Breaking Dawn Wedding Cost?

Now that the Twilight Wedding of the Century is out in theaters and we have fed ourselves on its succulent romantic juices, we can get down to doing what you do after any good wedding: gossiping about how much it cost! Luckily, the folks at Centives have done the hard work for us, and the grand total for the whole… » 11/20/11 2:35pm 11/20/11 2:35pm

Here's Your Minute-By-Minute Play-By-Play Of Twilight: Breaking Dawn

Last night, I joined the Twihards at a midnight screening of Twilight: Breaking Dawn. Since I first covered the franchise in 2008, I've gone to midnight screenings of each one, and I have to say, as events, they are getting more and more subdued. Maybe the fans are growing up. Perhaps vampires and werewolves have lost… » 11/18/11 10:45am 11/18/11 10:45am

Robert Pattinson and Kristin Stewart Accidentally Got Married

It seems like just yesterday that Robert Pattinson and Kristin Stewart were two insanely famous young people carrying on a not-so-secret affair. Now it looks like the Twilight costars might, in fact, be husband and wife, sort of. If you find yourself hyperventilating at the thought that He of the Sparkly Skin is… » 10/28/11 8:00pm 10/28/11 8:00pm

Dear Twihards, Jacob Black Has Covered Adele's 'Someone Like You'

"I heard that you settled down. That you found a vampire… and you're married now." So begins this cover, sung by someone pretending to be Buff Werewolf Jacob Black and mock-serenading Bella. We're Just 35 days away from The Twilight Saga: Breaking Hymen Part 1 hitting theaters, so do what you must to prepare… » 10/14/11 12:00pm 10/14/11 12:00pm

Full Breaking Dawn Trailer Features Post-Coital Wreckage & Vampire Baby…

Warning Twilight superfans and/or 14-year-old girls: The following trailer contains scenes of an extremely pretty wedding, absurdly intense sparkle vamp sex, and plenty of arguing about the monstrous contents of Bella's uterus. Try to control your squeeing for the safety of yourself and others. » 9/13/11 11:18pm 9/13/11 11:18pm

Breaking Dawn Director Withholds Sex

Bill Condon — who wrote and directed Dreamgirls for the silver screen and is the director of Twilight: Breaking Dawn — had trouble deciding which clip to show fans at Comic-Con. » 7/26/11 2:23pm 7/26/11 2:23pm

The Full Breaking Dawn Trailer, Starring A Belly Full O' Vamp Fetus

Check your mail! You're invited to a wedding. The bride is a girl who's just graduated from high school, and the groom is a sparkly dude old enough to be her great-great-grandfather. At least one werewolf is on the guest list. A warning: The reception may not have vegetarian options. Yes, folks, this is the … » 6/06/11 11:35am 6/06/11 11:35am

Demi Moore's Documentary About Child Sex Slavery To Air On CNN

CNN has announced that Demi Moore will report and host a one-hour documentary about human trafficking. Nepal's Stolen Children will air on June 26, and we'll see Demi meet with girls as young as 11 who have been forced into prostitution. Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher have a foundation dedicated to ending child sex… » 6/06/11 9:00am 6/06/11 9:00am

Need To Know: Who Is Booboo Stewart?

There comes a time in in the Hollywood lifecycle when the grizzled, aging heartthrobs totter away, and the new young whippersnapppers step up. Move over, Taylor Lautner. Hit the road, Justin Bieber. It's Booboo Stewart's turn. » 12/14/10 3:06pm 12/14/10 3:06pm

A Lawsuit & New Music For Britney

Demi Lovato Snorted Coke "Like A Pro"