Bjork Feels Bad For China; Hair Dye Equals Death

• Bjork feels sorry for China. You know, over all that Tibet stuff. • Italian porn star runs for office, promises to create "cute" red light district. • H.S. teacher resigns after being outed as madam. • Macho, alcoholic men have trouble dealing with serious injuries. • Gabrielle Union sues Craigslist pranksters over… » 4/11/08 5:20pm 4/11/08 5:20pm

Breakup Letters For The Artistically-Inclined

French women don't get fat... they get even. Today's obsession is Gallic artist Sophie Calle (right), whose latest art installation involves taking a breakup email sent to her by an ex-boyfriend and having 107 other women — including a copy editor, etiquette consultant, forensic psychiatrist, journalist, clown, and… » 6/13/07 6:46pm 6/13/07 6:46pm