The Philadelphia Inquirer has a profile of the city's Emma Potievski Sherby.
The Philadelphia Inquirer »8/20/08 2:40pm8/20/08 2:40pm has a profile of the city's Emma Potievski Sherby. The piece is worth reading if only for its use of the phrase, "deforested netherlands." Sherby is a former nurse who decided to become an esthetician after she immigrated to Philly in 1974. "To do Brazilian bikini, it's an art. Not everybody…

Father Gives Daughter Bikini Waxes, Rides To Work At A Brothel

Today's episode of Tyra was about women who are looking to become legal prostitutes in Nevada. One particularly fucked up segment featured Summer, a pretty 18-year-old who is an "up and coming" adult film actress about to start working at the infamous Moonlight Bunny Ranch. Summer's father is also her manager, and he… »4/28/08 7:00pm4/28/08 7:00pm

Proud Player Paul Janka Talks About Sluts On Tyra

Yesterday's Tyra was all about "true confessions of the male mind," and Tyra stacked the audience with dudes, including our (least) favorite confirmed bachelor Paul Janka. (You know, the guy who didn't date-rape Moe.) First, Janka talked about how sexual double standards are "earned" because it's difficult to be a… »4/17/08 11:00am4/17/08 11:00am