Behold Super Olde-Tymey Brassiere Devices

The folks at JF Ptak Science Books dug up a few images from U.S. patent reports on brassieres. These designs, created between 1929 and 1930, show how women struggled to support, shape and reduce the bustline. These days, we can sometimes feel self-conscious if our bra or bra straps are showing; manufacturers offer… » 6/17/11 3:55pm 6/17/11 3:55pm

Inflatable Bra: Avoid Sharp And Pointy Objects

The best thing about these inflatable bras? You look so sexy and coy blowing them up mid-date whenever they deflate! The worst? Everything else. » 10/14/10 1:40pm 10/14/10 1:40pm

Your Underwear Is A Window To Your Sexy Soul

In 10 Things I Hate About You, we were told that black underwear means you plan on having sex. A new survey kind of confirms it. Among other sweeping generalizations! » 10/13/10 2:50pm 10/13/10 2:50pm

Dress Code: The Wonderful World Of Bras

This week on Dress Code, we're taking it on: the bra, in all its catileverd, underwired, full-cupped, convertible, molded, contoured, minimizing, padded, push-up, strapless, full-figured, 18-hour glory. » 6/25/10 3:40pm 6/25/10 3:40pm

"If You Need A Brassiere, Wear One."

Just one of the helpful "tips for single ladies" accompanying what appears to be the world's worst date, between an insolent slattern and a priggish asshole. Now put your hands up! [SadandUseless] » 12/09/09 11:40am 12/09/09 11:40am

At Last! The Cleavage Secrets No One Was Waiting For!

The "secret to Marilyn's curves" (as opposed, we suppose, to genetics) has been revealed in the form of some bra's "three cunning tricks." » 7/15/09 4:20pm 7/15/09 4:20pm