This Five-Year-Old Girl's Thoughts on Famous Logos Will Blow Your Mind

Graphic Designer Adam Ladd sat his daughter down and showed her famous brand logos—from NBC to Starbucks. He recorded her impressions of each one, and the results are both adorable, insightful, and kind of heartbreaking. When it's laid out like this, you realize just how much commercialism kids her age are bombarded… » 1/30/12 11:15pm 1/30/12 11:15pm

Will You Buy What Tina Fey Is Selling?

It's rare that you read a celebrity salary report and think "good for you Audrina, you totally deserve » 9/26/08 5:00pm 9/26/08 5:00pm to be making millions and living in a in the Hollywood Hills." But that's how we felt while reading 's analysis of the mounds of cash Tina Fey is raking in these days. And not just for herself. Since her show won…