Why the Brains of Dogs and Humans Are More Similar Than You Think

As any dedicated dog owner will tell you, canines often appear to grasp the emotional content of what's being said to them. An unprecedented brain scanning study now shows this is likely true — and that this capability pre-dates domestication. » 2/21/14 4:29pm 2/21/14 4:29pm

Why Does Relationship Advice Always Suck?

"See a play, go to a new location, go to a horse race." Why does advice for keeping a relationship alive always seem so worthless? Maybe science has the answer! » 2/08/10 10:00am 2/08/10 10:00am

More fodder for the foot soldiers in the mommy wars? A recent study » 9/04/08 10:45am 9/04/08 10:45am at Yale University that performed brain scans on 12 new mothers suggests that women who give birth vaginally are more likely to develop stronger emotional bonds with their babies. Researchers theorize that labor contractions, which release the hormone…