Southeast Asian Teenagers Are Obsessed with Fake 'Fashion Braces'

Apparently this "trend" has been going on for "years," and has the media "buzzing," so forgive me if you're already a weary old soldier in the "fashion braces" craze. I just heard about it today. Seems vaguely hoaxy, in a Mexican Pointy Boots kind of way, but then again I totally remember some twinges of confused… »1/01/13 5:00pm1/01/13 5:00pm

Jamaican Sprinter Shelly Ann Fraser Wins Gold, Jumps For Joy

Despite being, as one commentator called her, the youngest, the shortest and the most inexperienced in her field, twenty-one-year-old Shelly Ann Fraser of Jamaica won the gold medal in the 100 meter race on Sunday. She proceeded to bounce up and down on the track with sheer glee! In a post-race interview, Fraser,… »8/18/08 3:20pm8/18/08 3:20pm