The New Hottest Trend is Taking Sexy Photos with Your Friends

It's okay to get slightly worried when Today's Savannah Guthrie starts a sentence off with, "We noticed something in Tuesday's New York Post and it caught our attention." Is she going to talk about their amazing comments on Lena Dunham's "blobby" physique, or just the most recent time they accused someone who has… »6/20/13 10:40am6/20/13 10:40am


Boudoir Photography Is the Wedding Industry’s Answer to Internet Porn

The latest trend in wedding photography is — even though it should continue to be zombie picnics — boudoir photoraphy, and it threatens to embarrass a whole generation of middle-age adults tasked one day with sorting through their recently deceased parents' secret box of stuff nobody in the family ever knew about, a… »8/12/12 11:30am8/12/12 11:30am