The Nike "Boston Massacre" T-Shirt Is Now Selling on Ebay for $155,000

After Nike temporarily pulled from its stores a New York Yankees t-shirt that celebrated the team's 1978 and 2006 routs of the Boston Red Sox — events Yankees fans call "the Boston Massacre" — the shirts started popping up on eBay. Nike was worried the shirts, which bear the words "Boston Massacre" spattered with… »4/25/13 4:45pm4/25/13 4:45pm


One Dummy Ruins Boston's KONY Poster Party for Everyone

Most of America (save for the always righteous Pacific Northwest) totally fell down on the job when it came to plastering their cities with KONY-related materials for Invisible Children's "Cover the Night" event this weekend. But it appears Boston may have taken the mission to heart. A tipster reports that the city… »4/24/12 11:15pm4/24/12 11:15pm