Women Don't Love Working For Other Women Because Women, Amirite?

According to a poll from Gallup, forty percent of the women they surveyed say they prefer a male boss, twenty-seven percent prefer a female one, and thirty-two percent have no preference. On the other hand, 29 percent of men polled prefer a male boss, eighteen percent prefer a female one, and fifty-one percent had no… »11/12/13 10:25am11/12/13 10:25am

Women Who Report Sexual Harassment at Work Often Get Treated Even Shittier As a Result

A new Australian Human Rights Commission report found that women who complain about sexual harassment in the workplace suffer even more unjust treatment as a result. That's fucked up, because it's hard to imagine how things can ever get better if women stay silent. But if your job is on the line when you're deciding… »10/29/12 12:35pm10/29/12 12:35pm