Some Women Are A Lot Less "Secure"

This woman is being deported after calling the police for protection during a fight with her partner. Charges that she had illegally sold a $10 phone card were dropped. Welcome to "Secure Communities." » 11/02/10 4:14pm 11/02/10 4:14pm

Baby-Dropping Immigrant Women Targeted By Republicans

"We need to target the mother. Call it sexist, but that's the way nature made it. Men don't drop anchor babies, illegal alien mothers do." That statement was being pushed by the author of Arizona's immigration law. He's not alone. » 8/03/10 10:13am 8/03/10 10:13am

Dominican Prostitutes In Haiti: Prized For Their Light Skin, Patronized…

What does increased foreign presence in post-earthquake Haiti bring? Donated money, aid workers and increased U.N. presence, for sure. Also, Dominican prostitutes hoping to make a living off them. » 8/02/10 2:46pm 8/02/10 2:46pm

Creepy Group Distributes Due Dates Of Allegedly Illegal Pregnant…

An anonymous group in Utah has been circulating a list of 1300 people it claims are illegal immigrants, plus personal information such as Social Security numbers and due dates of pregnant women. The government is investigating a possible leak. » 7/14/10 5:13pm 7/14/10 5:13pm

Is Immigration A "Women's Issue"?

Is the Arizona's new immigration law — wherein officials can ask to see an individual's papers based on the individual's appearance — a feminist issue? And what does that even mean? » 5/05/10 7:20pm 5/05/10 7:20pm