The Weight-Loss Drug That Wasn't

Fibroblast growth factor 21 (FGF21 for short) was a hot prospect in anti-obesity research — and drug companies jumped into the fray, eager to capitalize. But now it appears that, like sticks and stones, FGF21 will break your bones. Here's the story of the hip new weight-loss drug that may never see the light of day. » 2/08/12 7:05pm 2/08/12 7:05pm

Birth Control Conundrum: Yaz, Depo Have Disturbing Side Effects

This week brings more upsetting news about the side effects of certain birth control methods — Depo-Provera causes bone loss in nearly half of users, and as many as 25,000 lawsuits involving Yaz will enter pretrial proceedings in Illinois. » 1/12/10 9:30am 1/12/10 9:30am