Body Snarking Hillary Buttons a Lowlight at California GOP Convention

It’s time to consider the possibility that the GOP is the giant panda of political parties. That is, in much the same way that pandas simply refuse to fuck even to save their species, Republicans seem to be trying to will themselves out of existence one convention/gaffe/election cycle at a time. Case in point: at… »10/06/13 1:00pm10/06/13 1:00pm


We're Living in the Era of Body-Positive Wolf-Crying Run Amok

On the Emmy Awards red carpet on Sunday night, Lena Dunham wore a teal floral-print Prada gown and Claire Danes showed up in Armani. One's sartorial choice was panned, the other's lauded. Challenge: write about either woman's appearance without inducing knee jerk accusations of bodysnarking/thin shaming. YOU CAN'T DO… »9/25/13 2:20pm9/25/13 2:20pm

The Olympics Showcase Diverse Body Types, Body Snarking

For two weeks, the Olympics present the viewing public with a diverse range female body types, many of which will remain unrepresented in future advertising campaigns. Women who compete in the games, argues Time's Sonia Van Gilder Cooke, provide a counterbalance to all those glossy, airbrushed photos of magazine cover… »8/12/12 2:00pm8/12/12 2:00pm

Australian Paper Incites Backlash After Shittily Suggesting that Swimmer Leisel Jones Is Fat

Body-snarking Olympic athletes is pretty much a lose-lose proposition because A of all, Olympic athletes are Olympic athletes, and have therefore honed their bodies to do one particular task better than just about every other schlub on the planet, and B of all, it's super rude to criticize the way someone else looks… »7/25/12 11:55pm7/25/12 11:55pm

Critics Question Whether Jennifer Lawrence Is Skinny Enough in Hunger Games

Movie critics will often find a lot of nitpicky things to criticize in movies because it's sort of their job, and though The Hunger Games movie may not be an entirely spotless adaptation of the Suzanne Collins novel, some critics have spent a little too much time agonizing over Jennifer Lawrence's shapely figure. »3/30/12 7:20pm3/30/12 7:20pm