Other People's Farts: Don't Let Your Good Manners Suffocate You

We typically utilize manners as a casual way to make others around us a little more comfortable. But there are certain occasions when we inexplicably feel it necessary to be polite to the point of our own »11/24/08 6:00pm11/24/08 6:00pm discomfort. Like, when you're talking to someone, and they accidentally spit on you, and you don't wipe it off…

Jessica Biel Shits. And Bleeds. And Farts. Get Over It.

I know that feeling this way is misogynistic and very immature—so don't belabor those points, and if you must just e-mail me—but I really can't deal with the fact that women poop. Sorry. Hearing them fart is bad enough, but seeing them grab the Charmin Ultra economy pack gives me panic attacks the likes of which I…
»7/05/07 4:42pm7/05/07 4:42pm

Farts Are Funny! Except, You Know, At The Gym, During Sex, Etc.

Farts are funny! In fact, just yesterday a certain Jezebel sister site passed on word (Hee hee! We said "passed") that Gawker Media contributor/blogger Slut Machine farted during sex for the first time. (Congratulations, Slut!) According to Slut Machine's blog (NSFW), she was simply doing her thing with her main man… »7/03/07 1:57pm7/03/07 1:57pm