RuPaul First Drag Queen in 'Female Force' Comic Book Series

Bluewater Productions, the company that has produced comic books about Angelina Jolie, Lady Gaga, Betty White, as well as Hillary Clinton and some other notable politicians, has a new subject: RuPaul. » 8/31/12 4:40pm 8/31/12 4:40pm

Noted Enigma Angelina Jolie Gets Her Own Comic Book

Angelina Jolie is a movie star, humanitarian, mother of six and special ladyfriend of Brad Pitt. Can she be summed up in a comic book? The folks at Bluewater Productions think so. » 11/22/10 4:53pm 11/22/10 4:53pm

Second Lady Gaga Comic Looks Less Horrifying Than First

As you may recall, the first Fame: Lady Gaga comic from Bluewater Productions featured some rather gruesome illustrations, and the twisted plot involved rock critic Lester Bangs. But the second installment of the comic has arrived, and it looks better. » 10/13/10 10:52am 10/13/10 10:52am

Betty White The Latest Star To Get Comic Book Treatment

Bluewater Productions turned Justin Bieber into The Little Prince, made Taylor Lautner a stoner, drew Lady Gaga as a sea hag and imagined Robert Pattinson as a homeless Tom Waits. Coming soon? Betty White: Female Force. Be kind to Rose! » 9/07/10 1:34pm 9/07/10 1:34pm

Justin Bieber Drawn As Ethereal Angel In Comic

Bluewater Productions made Robert Pattinson look like an ex-con; Taylor Lautner resemble a stoner; and drew Lady Gaga as a gruesome hag. But The Beebz? He looks like Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's Little Prince! Shenanigans. » 7/16/10 1:06pm 7/16/10 1:06pm

The R-Patz Comic Book Sucks The Hottie Right Out Of Him

We got our hands on the Fame: Robert Pattinson comic from Bluewater Productions, which is not a fun, fan-fic-ish romp with the SparkleVamp, but a dark, dreary telling of his life story. Also? He looks terrible! » 6/18/10 3:00pm 6/18/10 3:00pm

Explaining The Gruesome Gaga Comics

Remember those strange illustrations from the Lady Gaga comic? Turns out the story is told from the perspective of Lester Bangs, the rock critic depicted in Almost Famous, who dons a wig and performs "Poker Face." [T Magazine, Earlier] » 6/07/10 1:20pm 6/07/10 1:20pm

"Female Force" Comics Will Feature Baba, Oprah

The "Female Force" comic book series mentioned earlier is still going strong. The Caroline Kennedy issue comes out this week and the publisher has announced comics about Barbara Walters and Oprah Winfrey will come out in the fall. [N.Y. Post] » 6/25/09 9:20am 6/25/09 9:20am

Sarah Palin And Hillary Clinton Are Comic Book Heroes

The American people can't get enough Sarah Palin, in comic book form at least. Bluewater Productions is releasing comics about women in politics and the Sarah Palin issue has already gone into a second printing. » 3/12/09 5:20pm 3/12/09 5:20pm