Rooti Dolls Aim To Foster African Pride, End Up a Hit/Miss

Since the '80s and early-'90s days of Christie, Barbie's black friend, Mattel has tried to repair the damage done to young African-American girls' self-image with 2009's So In Style line of African-American Barbies with "fuller noses" and "fuller lips" rather than simply choosing a brown shade of plastic and using the… »10/06/12 2:30pm10/06/12 2:30pm


Police Shut Down 11-Year-Old's Roadside Stand • Black Girls More Likely To Be Beaten At School

Local police in Clayton, CA shut down »8/21/08 5:30pm8/21/08 5:30pm an 11-year-old girl's fruit and veggie stand, alleging that the stand was basically a gateway business to other things. • Saudis are starting to against the ban on women drivers. • Pregnant women who caused by situations like a natural disaster, terrorist attack, or sudden death…