Prepare to Be Amused By a Bunch of Babies Tasting Lemons for the First …

In theory, watching babies take their first bite of lemon doesn't sound that exciting, but in practice it's actually kind of amazing. Their sour faces of surprise are priceless—it's kind of like watching someone realize that life is going to be bitterly unpleasant from now on. But don't worry, soon enough they'll… » 6/04/12 9:45pm 6/04/12 9:45pm

Three Weeks Later, Wrongest Royal Wedding Correspondent Still Mad She…

Yvonne Yorke, the Huffington Post's "award-winning journalist and Royal Contributor" is still steamed that her biggest "scoop" about Kate and William's nuptials — Yorke claimed she knew "undoubtedly" that a designer named Sophie Cranston was making the wedding dress — was just flat-out wrong. » 5/23/11 1:50pm 5/23/11 1:50pm

They Call Me Mr. Post-Traumatic Embitterment Disorder

It may be the next Narcissistic Personality Disorder (which is already the next sex addiction) — something called post-traumatic embitterment disorder is now enjoying a moment in the harsh, joyless sun. » 5/26/09 4:20pm 5/26/09 4:20pm

Cindy McCain Regrets Dissing Michelle Obama!

Why can't more rich people be like Cindy McCain? Not with the strumpet makeup, I mean, but with the white guilt? Today a LA Times profile made us officially decide to like Cindy, who grew up a rich spoiled rodeo queen cheerleader in Phoenix and then one day went on a scuba trip and came back a crying, caring… » 4/16/08 10:00am 4/16/08 10:00am