Sarah Jessica Parker Not Afraid To Equate Celebrity Endorsement Deals With Rocket Science

The thing about Sarah Jessica Parker and her line of ugly clothes is that she seemed so terribly gracious at the Bitten debut that we forgot, for a moment, she was acting that way because she was high on her own PCP-laced amazingness: »6/21/07 9:23am6/21/07 9:23am

Which is why she was "so shocked" at Vera Wang's that she actually wear the same…


Blogosphere's Collective Brain Explodes Over Sarah Jessica Parker's Clothes For People Who Do Not Read Blogs

Sometime last month someone announced the news that Sarah Jessica Parker is "designing", by which we mean, "profiting from the sale of," a line of clothes for poor people. And not you-and-me poor, but the type of poor that is targeted by the "Layaway" section at my corner Dollar Store - basically you and me if we had… »3/27/07 11:10am3/27/07 11:10am