Anna Wintour: 1; Rachel Zoe: 0

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The New Old Navy: Better Than Bitten

Old Navy wants to be less, well, "old". Which is why the trailer is re-launching and re-imaging itself as a younger and hipper (while still affordable) brand with the debut of something called the "Urban Explorer" line. (Did they not say "safari" because that has weird colonialist connotations?) And while Old Navy president… » 2/22/08 3:40pm 2/22/08 3:40pm

Lauren Conrad Collection: Ugly, Overpriced, Simply Outrageous

Once again, Lauren Conrad "triumphs" over Heidi Montag. While Heidi's "working" in fashion as the "face" of Anchor Blue (for the more "mature" slutty tween!), Lauren is actually "designing" her own clothes. Only her designs are a little...meh. Ok, they're actually a lot "meh": The Spring 2008 looks of the Lauren Conrad Collection… » 2/13/08 1:20pm 2/13/08 1:20pm

Sarah Jessica Parker Hates Samantha Jones, Jess Seinfeld; Doesn't Mind…

Ok, so some gays sat next to Sarah Jessica Parker and her gays at a restaurant in New York the other day during lunch time. They learned the following things:
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The end. You may now go back to contemplating just how monumental the opening of the movie is going to be and how our lives will never be the same afterwards.

Ashley Judd To Design Cheap Clothing Line, Burberry Targets…

  • Ashley Judd is designing an el cheapo clothing line a la Sarah Jessica Parker. The lucky recipient of this collection: The clothing chain Goody's. Which makes sense in the "paradigmatic" sense until you're like, wait a second, Ashley Judd? Who the fuck ever paid attention to her outfits? Does simultaneously belonging…
» 6/15/07 10:32am 6/15/07 10:32am

My Existential Sarah Jessica Parker Crisis

When we first caught wind, way back before anyone was actually reading this, of Sarah Jessica Parker's first-ever clothing line and its unexpected taking up of residence at the beyond-classy Steve & Barry's discount sport shop, we were thrilled. Such material! She of the mortgage-priced shoe collection! A poster girl… » 6/07/07 5:20pm 6/07/07 5:20pm

Sarah Jessica Parker's Bad Taste, Big Humility

In an advance look at an upcoming interview with June cover girl Sarah Jessica Parker, Glamour magazine has released images of SJP in her bargain-bin Bitten line of apparel, and illustrates just how earnest the actress can be when stripped of her beloved Blahniks: » 4/30/07 6:56pm 4/30/07 6:56pm