Writing Totally Mean Yelp Reviews Can Still Get You Sued

Tale as old as time: woman hires contractor. Woman unsatisfied by quality of contractor's work. Woman takes to Yelp and writes a blistering review of said contractor. If this were a movie starring Jennifer Aniston and Patrick Dempsey, the story would end with the two main characters kissing on scaffolding while upbeat… »1/04/13 12:30pm1/04/13 12:30pm


Barbara Walters Wants Rosie O'Donnell To Get A Life

Barbara Walters always acts like she's above all the petty fighting and bullshit that goes on behind the scenes at The View »11/20/08 1:40pm11/20/08 1:40pm, and she's been pretty phony in the past about her entire relationship with Star Jones. But after she heard about her phoniness to reporters yesterday, she decided to address it on today's show.…