Exercise Video Behemoth Considering Pulling Support from Komen

The Race Away from Susan G. Komen for the Cure began last week when the charity defunded Planned Parenthood, and it looks like it's not ending any time soon. The latest entity to distance itself from the embattled breast cancer charity/marketing machine? Anchor Bay Entertainment, a producer of exercise videos and… »2/08/12 5:30pm2/08/12 5:30pm


Fergie Releases Sex And The City Theme Song; Ears Everywhere Bleed

  • So. Fergie has recorded the theme song for the Sex And The City Movie and it is fucking insane. Seriously. It's a fast-paced track that uses the original instrumental music from the show, with Fergie sing-rapping lyrics like: "Shopping for labels, shopping for love... Manolo and Louis is all I'm thinking of...…
  • »4/24/08 9:00am4/24/08 9:00am