Letterman Highlights McCain's Ayers: Domestic Terrorist G. Gordon Liddy

John McCain finally deigned to appear on David Letterman's little show last night, even boarding an elitist helicopter to get there »10/17/08 10:00am10/17/08 10:00am when his private plane wouldn't do the trick. Sure, he expected to just make an apology and crack a bunch of jokes, but Letterman brought his A-game and asked him about how he pals around…

If The Presidential Race Wasn't Enough Of A Joke For You, We've Got Some Actual Jokes

Tonight: The Last Debate And The Last Call To Let John McCain Off The Leash

The election might still be 20 interminable days off, but the last debate will be (liveblogged) tonight. McCain has promised both to "whip" his opponent tonight, and to bring up Bill Ayers. Will Obama have an answer? Can Bill O'Reilly get more absurd? Can the poll numbers get better for Obama? Will John McCain be… »10/15/08 10:00am10/15/08 10:00am

Welcome To The Attacked-Club, Michelle, Let Him Give You A Hug

  • If it wasn't enough to attack Barack Obama for what few ties he has to Bill Ayers, the McCain campaign is attempting to tie Michelle Obama to Bernardine Dohrn, Ayers' wife. Dohrn worked at Sidley Austin (a firm of 500 lawyer plus hordes of legal staff) at Sidley Austin in 1984, three years before Michelle did, so…
  • »10/10/08 7:30pm10/10/08 7:30pm

John McCain Now Throwing More Than Dirty Looks At Obama

In the waning hours of the political campaign, with his political star already eclipsed by the popularity of his own running mate and his insistence on abandoning most of the principles he used to swear he stood for, John McCain has gotten a little desperate. Or, rather, his campaign staff has, since John McCain… »10/10/08 7:00pm10/10/08 7:00pm

McCain Campaign, CBS Journalists Are Unashamed Of Their Own Entitlement, Election Tactics

When the chips are down and all the prayers to God to win the election and protect you from witchcraft haven't worked, everyone knows it's time to call in the big guns: the forces of evil. And, if they're too busy helping the Axis of Evil get nukes and shit, well, then you can always call in the forces of pettiness… »10/09/08 10:00am10/09/08 10:00am

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Keeps Pissing Off Barbara Walters

Today was the first day that The View »10/06/08 1:30pm10/06/08 1:30pm was back on the air, live, since Thursday's vice-presidential debate between Biden and Palin. As expected, the ladies are all worked up about the election, and today they discussed the smear campaign McCain's camp has launched against Obama, trying to link him with radical…