How Much Do I Tip for That?: A Beauty Investigation

During a recent trip to Houston, I got a manicure and pedicure because it was spring in the south but the dead of winter in New York City and my toes were not ready for public consumption. As a woman who affords herself few mani-pedi’s, I’m never sure what to tip so I texted two girlfriends and asked. But when I gave… »4/06/15 2:30pm4/06/15 2:30pm


'America's Next Top Model': Gayer Than A Picnic And Twice As Fierce

We've waited all summer for the new cycle of Top Model and last night's premiere episode was everything we wanted it to be and more. (Although we were a little miffed at the fact that it was only one-hour, instead of the normal two, thanks to Gossip Girl.) Anyway, we live-blogged that shit, so read about it here.… »9/20/07 1:30pm9/20/07 1:30pm