Dad Who Waxes Daughter's Bikini Area Returns To Tyra

Remember last season on Tyra »9/16/08 3:00pm9/16/08 3:00pm when that weirdo dad was grooming his daughter - literally - for a career in prostitution and porn? Summer's dad Rich was her pimp, in a sense, , picked out her lingerie, and dropped her off at the infamous Bunny Ranch, a legal brothel in Nevada. Summer - whose real name is Christina -…

If A Girl Gets A Spa Treatment And No One Films It, Did It Really Happen?

Good Morning America is so fresh out of ideas that they're watching month-old episodes of the Today Show for inspiration. Diane Sawyer and Co. are just picking up the tween spa meme and running it into the ground. Some six year olds are getting their hair chemically straightened, some 12-year-old girls are getting… »5/19/08 4:00pm5/19/08 4:00pm