Bic's Ridiculous Lady-Pens Cost 70% More Than Identical Regular Pens

So, sure, we've all been having a good chuckle over the hilarious Amazon.com reviews for Bic's fucking stupid "Bic for Her" line of pens. (I mean, women can use men's pens but all that comes out is pesky math and science. And what are we going to do with that!?) But it turns out that the nefarious pen industry's… »8/28/12 6:45pm8/28/12 6:45pm

Amazon Customers Go Rogue, Hilariously Review Bic's Idiotic Pen for Women

We've discussed the ridiculousness of Bic for Her — the pen specially marketed towards women, which, no, does not mean that they're branded with the face of Betty Friedan — in the past, but it seems that consumers have now taken the mocking of the product into their own hands via Amazon UK, a site where you can now… »8/27/12 11:50am8/27/12 11:50am