'Elle' Magazine: Now The Prettiest Girl On The Fashion Mag Block

I am an outrageously partial reader when it comes to Elle. Which, uh, sorta happens when the magazine was your first post-college professional experience. However I will say in all sincerity and honesty: The newly redesigned Elle? Absofuckinglutely gorgeous. Though small changes had been made to the magazine following… »8/17/07 2:40pm8/17/07 2:40pm

'Justine' Magazine: Just Because We Haven't Heard Of It Doesn't Mean It Can't Rot Tween Souls

Just because we've never heard of teen magazine Justine before doesn't mean that we didn't want to learn all sorts of things about it from the good peeps at MediaPost's 'Magazine Rack'. After all, we were once teenage girls. And while our parents made YM forbidden — they said it was demeaning to women — we did pore… »8/15/07 5:30pm8/15/07 5:30pm

Lindsay Lohan On Cover Of September 'Elle': Way More Than 'Adequite'

The folks over at Women's Wear Daily are worried about Elle. The paper's media-gossip column 'Memo Pad' is concerned about what Lindsay Lohan's latest DUI arrest means for the Hachette fashion magazine, which is featuring the actress on the cover of its advertiser-heavy, September fashion extravaganza for the 2nd year… »7/26/07 11:00am7/26/07 11:00am

'Elle' Magazine's Fashion News Department: Now With Fewer People Than Olives

Elle's "fashion news" department has lost yet another member of its staff. Ordinarily we would not care, but Elle's fashion news department is helmed by one inimitable Anne Slowey, she of the occasional three-olive-a-day diet. Anne is blonde and, we hear, very spiritual, so we know she is handling the loss of senior… »5/30/07 4:46pm5/30/07 4:46pm