Racing Fans Freak Out Over Congresswoman's Proposal to Cut Government NASCAR Sponsorship

This morning, an amendment proposed by Minnesota Representative Betty McCollum and one of her Republican colleagues, Jack Kingston of Georgia, passed through the House Appropriations Committee. The proposal aimed to cut $80 million from the federal government's budget by barring the Department of Defense from spending… »5/17/12 5:45pm5/17/12 5:45pm

Michele Bachmann's District No Longer Exists, But She's Running for Congress Anyway

This morning, a special court in Minnesota ruled that Michele Bachmann's home district is to be folded into another district to reflect population shifts from the last 10 years. Bachmann, who is nothing if not tenacious, says she'll run for re-election, in her home district, anyway — against another incumbent… »2/21/12 9:30pm2/21/12 9:30pm