Berlin Gets Baby Hippo • Headbanging Can Seriously Hurt

• A cute, unnamed 18-day-old hippo calf made her first public appearance at the Berlin Zoo yesterday. She is the first hippo to be born in Berlin in three years. • » 12/17/08 5:30pm 12/17/08 5:30pm

The Bear Market

You really know times are tough when even the world's cutest polar bear doesn't have any job security. Knut the polar bear literally wallowed in the dirt today after officials from the Berlin Zoo announced that they could no longer afford to keep him. Naturally, Berliners are outraged and 21,000 of the city's dwellers… » 12/03/08 9:40am 12/03/08 9:40am

Knut Zookeeper Found Dead • Cloistered Spanish Nuns Start Cooking Show

• Thomas Doerflein, the German zookeeper who cared for Knut, was found dead » 9/22/08 5:30pm 9/22/08 5:30pm in his Berlin apartment today. He was 44. • Baleka Mbete may become the after the forced resignation of Thabo Mbeki and before the installment of future South African President Jacob Zuma who cannot take over the country just yet because he…

The Germans, not doing much to combat any lingering stereotypes that they have the right to play God with the lives of innocents, have decided to let a still-unknown number of newborn polar bear cubs die, rather than hand-rear them and put the country through "Knutomania" all over again. The cubs were born in… » 1/07/08 12:40pm 1/07/08 12:40pm

Loose Lips

Film producer Ash R. Shah has offered the Berlin Zoo $5 million for the rights to Knut the polar bear's story. But that's not all! Shah allegedly wants Suri Cruise to voice the formerly beleaguered bear. So far, the script consists of gurgling sounds and the words "mama" and "poopy." • Here's some pictures of Lindsay… » 1/02/08 11:45am 1/02/08 11:45am

Knut the polar bear, one-time star of the Berlin Zoo before he went all Effie White and got too fat to be a star, celebrated his first birthday yesterday. Knut now weighs a whopping 240 lbs. Here's what his first year will bring, according to his caretaker: "A spacious enclosure. A female partner. At some point, Knut… » 12/05/07 10:45am 12/05/07 10:45am