Model Who Posed With Bieber Getting Death Threats For Touching His D

Lara Stone, the model who pulled the short straw when it came to posing partners for Justin Bieber's new Calvin Klein ad campaign, is now getting death threats because Beliebers (the same people who wanted Anne Frank dead because Justin mentioned that she was a "great girl") think she got way too close with their… » 1/08/15 1:49pm 1/08/15 1:49pm

Biebonic Plague-Stricken Norwegians Cause Near-Riot at Free Concert

A free Justin Bieber concert took a decidedly death metal turn in Norway yesterday, as crazed, frothing fans infected what scientists now call The Biebonic Plague nearly rioted at a free performance by Justin Bieber. » 5/31/12 12:10pm 5/31/12 12:10pm