In 1992, Alan Cumming Awkwardly Appeared In A Commercial For Blue Jeans

Perfume-haver, Fleshbot award winner, actor, James Bond comic relief, and delightfully incurable Scot Alan Cumming just Tweeted a link to this 1992 Lee jeans commercial. On his blog, Cumming explains why he thinks he was cast — the director, Paul Weiland, went to see Cumming in a play, noticed he was driving a… » 12/08/11 3:50pm 12/08/11 3:50pm

Before They Were Famous: Oscar Nominees Forced To Sing, Wear Dorky…

Things spotted on GMA's preview of tomorrow's 20/20 "Before They Were Famous" Oscars special: George Clooney's nerdy glasses, Morgan Freeman singing on The Electric Company, Meryl Streep's high school photos, and for some reason, Blair from The Facts of Life. » 3/01/10 11:00am 3/01/10 11:00am