Robin Gibb, Member of the Bee Gees, Has Died

We'd all been hoping that Robin Gibb would pull through his long battle with colon and liver cancer, especially after he recently made a miraculous recovery from a coma brought on by pneumonia. But today comes word that Robin, one of the high-note hitting singers in the Bee Gees and creator of many songs which we all… » 5/20/12 7:05pm 5/20/12 7:05pm

Loose Lips

Uh-oh! Did Anne Hathaway dump her boyfriend just in time? Raffaello Follieri has been arrested on wire fraud conspiracy and money laundering charges. Federal crimes, people! • Britney might be on her way to court right now to see about getting overnight visits with her kids. She's shown vast improvement, don't you… » 6/24/08 11:40am 6/24/08 11:40am