Yes, Idiot, It Is Harder To Be A Woman Than A Man

How can you say it's easier to be a man than to be a woman? What data do you have to support such a position? That's the type of mail you get when you write something for a news outlet other than Jezebel, and I thought fondly of it today when I read the latest from Wall Street, where Lehman Brothers chief financial… » 6/12/08 4:30pm 6/12/08 4:30pm

Elle Investigates The Tyranny Of Paula Zahn Highlights

Elle runs an "investigation" of the television media in its November issue that reveals something that will surprise maybe that class of people who ever looked up "gullible" in the dictionary: female news anchors are often pressured to dye their hair. Specifically: blonde. The story opens with the traumatic dye job of… » 10/10/07 3:20pm 10/10/07 3:20pm

Finance Roundup: It's A Lot Easier To Be Thin When You Are Rich: Our…

Skip lunch, read these articles and kill two birds! As we went to press it was a kinda-whatever day in the markets, allegedly on bad home sales data — no surprise to all you readers whose minds are so deadened and perfume-addled from the April glossy gluttony that you shirked your womanly duties to read The Economist » 3/26/07 3:17pm 3/26/07 3:17pm