I Cannot Stop Watching This Adorably Plump Beaver Wave to a Kid at the…

Whatever your opinions on zoos may be ("They're animal prisons!" "They're idyllic animal gardens!"), your opinion on beavers will be forever changed after watching this video. Beavers, contrary to Golden Age Nickelodeon cartoons, are not angry, nor are they vaginas — beavers are industrious woodland creatures that,… » 12/12/12 9:45pm 12/12/12 9:45pm

Like Ice Cream? Then You'll Love These Delicious Beaver Anal Glands

Deep down, we all know that there are, shall we say, unsavory ingredients in many of the foods we so love to eat. (I am looking at you, Mr. McRib). But these past few weeks have been kind to our ability to maintain the illusion that what we eat is not filled with hair and bugs and spare animal parts. First, there was… » 3/29/12 9:15pm 3/29/12 9:15pm

Feminine Hygiene Commercials Are Rarely Genius

Over on AdAge » 8/29/08 1:30pm 8/29/08 1:30pm, there's a for a company called Libra. In the spot, a woman on a rooftop rocks out on guitar as video game shapes fall from the sky. The licks are hot, the chick is cool, and the tagline is: "Play with patterns." The product? Tampons. Because having your period ! Actually, the ad's not bad — at least…