Q&A With A Wall Street Woman: "We Are In A State Of Devastation Across All Areas Of Finance And Business"

If you're anything like me, the financial state of the U.S. »9/16/08 1:30pm9/16/08 1:30pm terrifies you, but in an amorphous way. You try to read numerous newspaper articles about Lehman and Merrill Lynch and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, but it's like reading with seventh grade Spanish: a certain grasp of the vocabulary is missing. We decided to…


Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Just Made Some Pakistani Farmer's Life $25 Million Better. Here's Hoping He Invested In Big Corn!

Behold 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. And note the Ashlee Simpsonesque transformation of his nose. Maybe people with the initials KLS are just vainer than most. And while the Guantanamo diet was good for the love handles, waterboarding leaves you bloated with bags under the eyes? In any case, something, it's… »6/23/08 10:00am6/23/08 10:00am

Barack Obama Defended By Mike Huckabee, Still No Word From Grandma

  • Obama's slightly racist grandma is not dead, she just doesn't feel like commenting on his speech apparently. Here is a picture of her clutching her grandson for fear of being beaten up by darker-skinned black men. No just kidding, it's just a graduation picture. Sorry to drag you into this, Madelyn Dunham.
  • ""As easy…
  • »3/19/08 6:30pm3/19/08 6:30pm

What, You Assumed The Blind Guy Would Be A Faithful Husband? Did None Of You See Ray?

Oh, what? You thought blindness would be an effective antidote to the old "wandering eye" problem? Wrong! Being blind just means crap taste in hotels. But here's the part we don't get: why, after you've been illicitly screwing some broad at the 94th street Days Inn do you take your wife back there? And what's more… »3/18/08 10:00am3/18/08 10:00am