About That 'Other' Women's Magazine Massacre Yesterday

Amidst the hubbub over the sorta-surprise shuttering of Jane Magazine, another group of hard-working, celebrity-and-relationship minded magazine editors are being overlooked: Those at Cocktail, the German-owned Bauer Publications weekly ladymag set to launch later this year and unceremoniously killed off yesterday… » 7/10/07 2:37pm 7/10/07 2:37pm

In Which We Recognize Spencer Pratt And Heidi Montag, The 'Life &…

You might have noticed that this week's 'Midweek Madness' trailed off somewhere around the Bauer Publishing titles, otherwise known as In Touch and Life & Style. Here's the thing about those magazines: They should really not exist. We know we say that a lot and it is getting old and by the way fuck you, but what we… » 6/13/07 6:10pm 6/13/07 6:10pm