'NY Times' Fashion Critic Cathy Horyn Trash-Talks Vera Wang; Gets Herself Banned From Carolina Herrera

  • NY Times fashion critic Cathy Horyn (left) ate Cheerios, ran into a bunch of famous people she knows, got coffee, saw a Vera Wang show that was supposed to be about "Rome" and she totally didn't see what was so "Rome" about it. Her blog is sort of like Cory Kennedy's blog, only with better punctuation.[NYT]
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  • »9/10/07 10:15am9/10/07 10:15am

Our Barf Bags Were A Hit, Except With, You Know, The Models

Some of you are wondering about the reaction to our distribution of vomit bags in front of the fashion shows. Here's the report: People — like the ladies seen above — seemed to love them. Earlier this afternoon, we spoke to our two "stewardesses", model Dina Davis, and stylist/model Levon Saunders, both of whom handed… »9/07/07 3:30pm9/07/07 3:30pm

Fashion Week Make You Want To Hurl? We're Here To Help

We couldn't let our first Fashion Week go by without making some sort of a statement, right? Yeah, well, today that statement shat itself all over the steps leading up to the tents in midtown Manhattan's Bryant Park. At precisely 2pm today, two badass young broads clad in eggplant-hued stewardess outfits sidled up to… »9/06/07 3:30pm9/06/07 3:30pm